Myths about Non-believers

Here are some of the most common unfounded myths about non-believers (Athiests, Agnostic Theists, Free-thinkers etc.) For this blogpost, I hope to dispel the wrongful assumptions made by religious believers about the Non-believers.  And I do want to remind everyone that among the non religious non-believers, there is no dogma, each non-believer represents himself and each of us have our own individual opinions, and the reason why we share so many of them is because the objective evidence led us there.

1. You just want to sin

Most believers that I have met, think that our non-belief stems from our desire to sin and because we are afraid of hell, that we Continue reading


A sort of peace

“But there came a moment, that I had seen every film, heard every song, and followed every debate or reasoning, and … gradually i stopped. ” -Bert0001

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Have I died in your heart? Is there a place still in there for me? Or have I been reduced into something less than the ashes upon the tombstones? When we walked past one another, you see me. But I’m not there. As though there was a translucent film coating your eye’s lenses, blocking out the image of the man that did you grievous wrongs. When I speak to you, I am unheard. Inaudible. My words disperse into distant hollow echoes of clanging hackles. You walk past me without even a flinch or even a tussle of your hair. I was your haunter, the painful reminder of your broken trust and lost faith in love. The ghost that drifts into your room and warns sleepless nights. The spirit that whispers shame and disgrace to plague your heart. The phantom that calls out to you and pulls you to the shadows. But now, You walk right through me, as though I was made of air and all I see nowadays is just your back, unburdened and unbothered. Because ghosts don’t exist.