Stop shoving your disbelief down my throat


“Why must you shove your disbelief onto other people’s faces? Why can’t you just let us believe whatever we want? I don’t see why you care so much and write so much about something which you do not believe in! Everyone has the right to believe what they want, just don’t impose your beliefs/disbelief onto us.”

It is one thing to preach, but another thing to practice.

It matters to me as a humanist, because Religion imposes it’s beliefs and morals on me in the form of laws or customs. Bans on abortion, that homosexuals who love one another are not allowed to marry, ban of contraceptives, having every public school children, regardless of their beliefs, say the pledge “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God,indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” and many more.

It matters to me as a humanist,  because Religion acts to stifle funding for progression in science and technology. For example, religious institutions are pushing to prohibit stem cell research, which is one of the most promising medical fields known to us today. Religion is trying to remain relevant by discrediting scientific fact in order to dupe people into believing their religion. (Theory of evolution, the actual age of the Earth etc.)

It matters to me as a humanist, it matters because it imposes all sorts of psychological turbulence on it’s members. The feeling of being watched all the time, for being judged every time they sin, the guilt and  feelings of worthless without god. I am nothing without god, without god my life has no meaning, I am a sinner, I am not worthy.

It matters to me as a humanist because Religion cages children’s minds with indoctrination. In whichever religious faith you just so happen to be born in, one would have been taught about the religion, the dogma, the values and customs from a young age. Teaching religion to an adult is handwork but teaching a specific religion to a susceptible trusting child who is still learning about the world is easy. And what’s wrong with that is that it takes away the child’s freedom of choice by presetting this fundamental way of thinking. Furthermore, many people have revealed great emotional scars caused by religious indoctrination and the fear of hell. Imagine the guilt endured by a child who thinks his atheist grandfather is in hell burning in fire for eternity, or the guilt he is tormented by because he likes a person of the same gender etc.Religion is a way to control children and the effects of it can carry through to their adult lives.

It matters to me as a humanist, because religion is divisive, minorities are  actively discriminated against in supposedly public institutions. As long as you are of a different religion or share a different set of values or morality, you will be judged. Take for instance, the boy scouts – a tax-payer funded institution – which do not allow atheists to take part in it’s program.

It matters to me as a humanist, because people are being taught that faith is a good thing. That as long as you believe strongly in something, it does not matter what the others say, that something is a fact if you treat it like a fact. Religion reinforces the idea that we do not have a burden to prove our claim. And if god told us to kill our family, bomb buildings, it dos not have to be justified, because I just have to believe in god. And since god is all loving, and he has a perfect plan, I should just do as he say.

It matters to me as a humanist because people treat absurd stories as historical facts in spite of the lack or contrary evidence. Religion gives credibility to the idea that invisible worlds are real, more real and important than the visible one. It gives credibility to the idea that our seriously biased personal intuition is more trustworthy than logic or verifiable evidence. It gives credibility to the idea that religious beliefs, alone among all other ideas, should be beyond criticism; that the very act of questioning religion is inherently intolerant.


8 thoughts on “Stop shoving your disbelief down my throat

  1. I agree. Religion infringes on all our civil liberties. We shove our disbelief down their throat because god is everywhere, yet in reality, isn’t doing anything. You can only talk about something with full conviction for so long before we castigate you for you absurd beliefs. It’s funny how atheists, are less than 1 percent of the prison population, but somehow the remaining pious folks are more “moral” than us; it’s basically a perpetual conundrum that should be scoffed at in the year 2014. Time for people to wake up before it’s too late.

    • Hi Dominick Sair!

      Its nice to hear that you share the opinion as well 🙂 And I think that the atheists do not just make 1 percent of the population, I suspect there are alot of closet athiests in this world, who are unable to come out due to the enormous social cultural pressures surrounding them.

      With regards,

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  3. Hi! I really liked your post on superheroes and then looked around your blog. It is an interesting place, but I must disagree with you on this post. I do understand pros and cons of being religious, and sometimes there may be more cons than pros; but can you really peak about it with such certainty? such authority? so absolutely? isn’t the title of your blog “unconfirmed absolutes”?

  4. Hi Mothcaterpillar!

    Thanks for reading my posts! It is always nice to have visitors! I think you have every right to disagree. But I do want to point out, that I am not speaking with Authority but from a position. I am not enforcing obedience to my ideas but explaining why i think its necessary for me to be vocal about my disbelief. 🙂 And no, I am not asserting my position as the absolute truth. This is an opinionated piece of an individual who sees the need to explain why he is spending time and effort discussing in something that he thinks might be untrue. And yes, my blog is unconfirmedabsolutes 🙂 Read my about page to find out what I mean by it. if you have any questions or would like to debate over certain issues, please do so!!! I am more than happy to have a civilized conversation between two gentleman. (I am assuming you are a male, hahaha)

    With regards,

  5. Every time someone talks about religion to me and I start talking about my dis-belief, and I hear something like this, that stop saying all this non-religious stuff, I always say, “If you can freely go around talking about your religion and religious beliefs, why can’t I talk about my religion, or lack there of?” Usually shuts them up for good.

    I’m good at putting myself in other’s shoes and trying to think like them, but I always fail when I try to think like a religious person and my thoughts always drift off to- how can someone possibly believe that? Very well educated friends of mine also have blind trust in god. In the morning assembly at school, I’ve at times made my point firm, that I won’t pray and sing their songs. Okay, they can’t do anything other than forcing me, and I say in the face of authorities that praying is against my religious beliefs and stop offending me.

    Then there are people, mostly a generation above me, who, when they meet, ask my last name first. And then they say, ok so you are a Pandit(a high class in hindus) I say, no, I’m an atheist.

    Do you know programming? Well, then my idea is simple, people are mostly like:
    Mine is, religion=null;

    Your post is very well written and I’ll be looking forward to content from you. And yeah, the comments(debate with that other guy) were even great. I wonder when will he reply.
    Vagrant Rohitt

    • Hi Vagrant Rohitt,

      I am glad you enjoy my post! I am really tied down this month, so content has been put to a halt. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts! I especially like it when people read the debates that normally ensues below my post, and I would encourage them to post their own views and rebuttal for the matter! 😀 And concerning the idea of stepping into the pother’s shoes and trying your hardest to understand their viewpoint, yeah its mindboggling to me as well…but I guess that’s why I debate!

      Best regards,

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