If there is no creator

There will be no fate

If I do not belong with destiny

where will my life lead?

All of what I am feeling now

will eventually be gone

and the actions that I make today

will they carry on?

You can say its for the children

for a better tomorrow

but when the time comes

they will also be gone

So then, why bother, if we are just a cluster of star dust?

Star dust before

and then doomed to star dust

but imagine our world as a ball of strings

and each of us connected in more than one way

when my heart is beating

I know that yours is too

I am a string with an inevitable dead end

but this string ain’t ending, not just yet

so in the meantime

I will enjoy what I have

this string wants to connect

to lovers and friends

this string wants to be a parent

leave on a thread

this string wants to learn

about how the world works

this string wants to take in

all that life has

because while its still here

you embrace it

this is your moment

your life to live

and when its all over

when you are back to nothing

understand that this universe

had this one string


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