Love is what you make it out to be

Happily ever after is not a fairy tale, it is a choice – Fawn Weaver


Corner pieces of a puzzle

Sometimes, I imagine a life we share. A life that I could have had with you. When i am feeling a little lost, low or lonely, I would allow myself to indulge in the fantasy of us holding hands, walking side by side along the streets. I would picture us in the kitchen making cherry pie, with flour-stained faces but with blissful smiles. I picture us at the beach, collecting sea shells, building sandcastles and splashing around the knee-deep waters. I picture us happy, no matter where we were and regardless of the length of shadows that were cast beneath us. I would picture the two of us, fitting each other perfectly, like two pieces of a family puzzle connected side by side. Without woe or worry. But we are not.

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