Dance on Thin ice

Tango-Underwater-Dance-3-590x590 Tango-Underwater-Dance-9-590x590

An angelic figure

in the land of white

with grace and charm

she danced at night

and then a sound came

from within the shadows

she turns her head in fright

out came a familiar lad

with hair like fire

his eyes in a wide eyed gaze

In his heart

he has much desire

for the girl

he met as a boy

The girl gasps in disbelief

at the man she had thought was dead

tears stream from her eyes

and down her cheeks

as he came closer to her face

he gave a kiss

so strong and powerful

it made her weak at the knees

supported by his bold built arms

she kissed him back immediately

and two bodies draw closer together

what was once pure

spurn into a devilish dance

from a wedded girl with a master

and under the moonlight

was a silhouette of two figures

merged into one

of two dancers hot with passion

dancing on thin ice


Breath-taking photos by  Russian artist and photographer Katerina Bodrunova.


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