Asexuality: its Aokay to be one

For those who have never heard of the term “Asexual” being used to describe a person, its about time you find out. Asexuality is not just used to describe the reproduction methods of potatoes, moss and fungi. In fact, an estimated 1 percent of the world are Asexual in nature. So this would mean that one out of a hundred would identify as Asexual. So what is Asexuality? Asexuality is the absence or low level of sexual interest or attraction to anyone . Many of you reading this would probably be thinking “How in the world can someone live without sex and be happy?” (I will answer that, but do note that I am only speaking from my own experience and none of my words are truly representative of anyone else’s. So when I say “we”, I would only be speaking for people who hold similar views to mine, not the whole Asexual community) Continue reading