Prove that a french-speaking bear does not exist

Tony: ” Ding dong! Hey! Have you heard of the french-speaking bear?”

Don: “Erm…yeah…but I’m not interested…sorry!”

Tony: “Not interested? Nonsense! We are from the  French-speaking bear club and we would like you to join us!”

Don: “No thanks, I don’t want to spend all my Thursdays sitting under a tree and listening to the french speaking bear scout “

Tony: ” We don’t just sit under a tree and listen to the french speaking scout, we also sing songs of praise to the beloved french-speaking bear!”

Don: ” No thanks”

Tony: “But the french-speaking bear loves you! How can you reject loving him back?”

Me: “Because I don’t think he exists! So I am not rejecting him,  I don’t even think he is real!”

Tony: “What do you mean he ‘s not real??? Of course he is! Cause the bearcyclopedia tells us so!”

Don: ” And why should I trust the bearcycolpedia?”

Tony: “Because the bearcyclopedia was inspired from the french words of the french speaking bear himself!”

Don: ” And how did you know that? It was written thousands of years ago!”

Tony: “Because it says so in the bearcyclopedia!”

Don: “ARRRRGH! Anyone could have written that book! I could also write a book on my own and say that the French-speaking bear wrote it! You are not giving me any actual evidence that he exists! You can’t use the bearcyclopedia as evidence for your own belief! Unless I see the french speaking bear for myself, I won’t be able to say that he is real!”

Tony: ” But most of the people from French-speaking Bear club has actually seen his presence.”

Don: “Okay then, bring him to me or at least show me a video!”

Tony: “He won’t show himself to non-believers like you…”

Don: “What?! Then how can I believe that he exists?”

Tony: “You just got to trust that he does.”

Don: “What? No! If he loves me, why won’t he show himself to me?”

Tony: ” Because he wants you to trust him.”

Don: ” But he is not giving me any basis to trust him! Nor has he shown me any proof that he exists!”

Tony: “I gave you the proof, but you just chose to reject it! its no use if you do not want to consider the bearcyclopedia as evidence…since you are so sure he doesn’t exist, how about you prove to me that the french-speaking bear does not exist?”

Don: “I have to prove that the french-speaking bear doesn’t exist?! YOU are the one with the claim that the french-speaking bear exists!”

Tony: ” Yes, I am making a claim, and so are you! You are making a claim that a French-speaking bear doesn’t exist!” 

Anything wrong with this story? Is Tony right, that both parties share the burden of proof? Or is Don right that the burden of proof belongs to those asserting the claim? Whose right and whose wrong?

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