Dance on Thin ice

Tango-Underwater-Dance-3-590x590 Tango-Underwater-Dance-9-590x590

An angelic figure

in the land of white

with grace and charm

she danced at night

and then a sound came Continue reading


Corner pieces of a puzzle

Sometimes, I imagine a life we share. A life that I could have had with you. When i am feeling a little lost, low or lonely, I would allow myself to indulge in the fantasy of us holding hands, walking side by side along the streets. I would picture us in the kitchen making cherry pie, with flour-stained faces but with blissful smiles. I picture us at the beach, collecting sea shells, building sandcastles and splashing around the knee-deep waters. I picture us happy, no matter where we were and regardless of the length of shadows that were cast beneath us. I would picture the two of us, fitting each other perfectly, like two pieces of a family puzzle connected side by side. Without woe or worry. But we are not.

I take three steps Continue reading


Maybe you have cracked the wrong kind of jokes, that’s why she wasn’t laughing

Maybe you walked too fast and that’s why she has always lagged behind you

Maybe you talked too much and she’s tired of listening

Maybe it was all a mistake and that’s why you kept making them

And maybe its you who’s the mistake


Or maybe

Someone will walk into your life

And make you see why it never worked with anyone else

Maybe its true that we won’t know what we have until we lose it

Or maybe its true that we won’t know what we are missing until we find it


Right moment


When is the right moment to do anything?

When is the perfect time to wake up from bed so that when you leave your house you can ensure that you would not be a minute late for class but yet be able to snuggle in bed, underneath your toasty blanket and steal those precious last seconds of sleep. When would be a good time to step out of the warm steaming shower, before Continue reading